Monday, February 28, 2011

one more thing for Oscar Watch

I am rooting for my "neighbor" to win the Best Actor category this year...OK, so technically, he is not my next door neighbor but he lives in the same west London suburb/village that I live in.

So, I am rooting for the Chiswick boy...go Colin, go!

Early Oscar dress watch

OK, only an hour or so into the pre Oscar watch, but clearly the nude/silver/being color scheme is the trend for this week.

Thank heavens for the gals who are wearing a little color this year...

Oscar watch

Yes, I am wide awake in London at 1 am watching that insipid E! Live from the Red Carpet ...waiting for the main event to start in 30 minutes.  Wasn't sure I was going to stay up and watch it live, and not quite sure I have it in me anyway to pull the late nighter on a school night.  The Sky+ is taping just in case I crater on the couch.

That said, I am happy to report a return to my previous years "Oscar watching form", as the past two years have resulted in me seeing zero of the nominated films.  Lots of reasons for the increase in viewing during the last year, much of it being the 8 trips to and from DFW, the 8 hour junket to Nairobi and the 6 hour flight to Bahrain.   A great way to catch up on your Oscar viewing.

How many films from the main 8 categories have I actually seen?  11 out of 15...My choices for winners include:

BEST FILM:  King's Speech (British royalty will win out over social networking.

BEST DIRECTOR:  hmmm...rather do the voters split the best film and best director.  That said, I could see it go to either Tom Hopper/King's Speech or David Fincher/Social Network.  Edge to Hopper.

BEST ACTOR:  Colin Firth...he's a shoe-in.

BEST ACTRESS:  Natalie question.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR:  one of my least favorite actors in the world, but give it to Christian Bale.  Question is:  what accent is he gonna spring for his acceptance speech?

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS:  always a "loose cannon", a.k.a. "dark horse" wins category, but this year,  it seems clear...the Oscar goes to Melissa Leo.

Let the games begin.

And just for an early dress update:  I do like Cate Blanchett's dress....different but gorgeous!  And again, Helena Bonham Carter...sister, what do you think about when you get dressed for these events?  Ugh!