Sunday, October 28, 2007

Florence, a second time around

Although the Budman and I had been to Florence before, we decided it was a city we wanted to visit once more. A beautiful sunny day strolling through Florence as well as tours of two fabulous museums, The Uffizi and Palazzo Pitti.

Florence’s magnificent Duomo.

Florence HY 032

Florence HY 026


Florence HY 025

Piazza della Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio, and Fontana di Nettuno (Neptune to you non Italian speakers).


Florence HY 022


Florence HY 021



Florence HY 005

Florence HY 001

Florence HY 004

Florence BY 005

Ponte Vecchio.


Florence HY 014


Friday, October 26, 2007

More Chianti is a better thing

The tour of Chianti continued… in terms of both the towns in Chianti, and a small sampling of the wine along the way. The towns of Radda, Panzano, and Castellina rounded out the day.

First, Radda….

Radda BY 009

Radda BY 005

Radda BY 001


Panzano 001

Panzano HY_030

Panzano 002

Panzano 004

Panzano HY_032


Castellina 001

Castellina 004

Castellina HY 002

Castellina HY 004

Castellina HY 003

Castellina HY_042

Castellina HY_044

And as the day marched on, the weather began to change, and ominous skies began to give weigh to rain. After the thunder showers, the following photo was snapped….kudos to the Budman.

Castellina HY 009

A little Chianti is a good thing

First, a brief remark about today’s blog post title.

One of our daytrips in Tuscany actually took us to many of the small villages in and around the region of Chianti (yes, home of the famous red wine). A leisurely and very sunny day allowed us to amble throughout the countryside from one little town to the next…picturesque to say the least.

The Chianti region is also home to the famous red wine that we associate with cheap Italian restaurant, lit candles dripping wax from straw covered wine bottles, etc. In fact, the wine of the Chianti region has a good reputation and does not have the moniker of “cheap table wine” that many of us in the US associate with this wine.

First stop, Greve.

Greve HY_008

Greve HY_007

Greve HY_013

Greve HY_026

Greve HY_021

Greve HY_028

Greve HY_027

Greve HY_001

(yes, Greve is the home of the Italian explorer, Verrazano, for which we are ALL familiar with …if you know your NYC bridges).

Greve et al 001

Greve BY 003

Greve HY_005

Greve BY 004

And lest we forget, this is not only wine country, but groves of olive trees mean that olive oil flows freely .

Greve et al 004

Answer to Cortona triva question

In response to yesterday's trivia question, "Which recent movie was primarily filmed in and around Cortona?"

Answer: Under the Tuscan Sun

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


OK, this was one of our favorite towns in Tuscany! Can’t always say why one town speaks to us and why one town doesn’t, but in the end, we were totally and utterly entranced. Cortona had loads of charm and fabulous views as the town was perched on top of a hill.

From the moment we walked up to the town’s entrance, we were enchanted by the nooks and crannies between the buildings, the small restaurants and shops, and the wonderful “small-town” Tuscan feel. We spent an entire day doing nothing but putzing about. Yes, we did have numerous “cafĂ©” pit-stops for people watching as well.


Cortona HY 011

Cortona HY 007

Cortona HY 024

Cortona HY 003

Cortona BY 003


Cortona BY 007

Cortona HY 018

Cortona HY 015

Cortona HY 033

Cortona HY 025

Cortona HY 056

Cortona HY 035

Cortona HY 051

Cortona HY 028

Cortona HY 068

Cortona HY 069





And of course, those obligatory night shots.

Cortona HY 073

Cortona HY 082

Cortona HY 074

Cortona HY 077


We’ll be back for a long weekend….I do not get my fill of this delightful town.

PS – know which recent movie was primarily filmed in and around Cortona? Answer tomorrow.