Friday, August 31, 2007

Just in time

It’s a good thing that I am now current on all the travel photos, because the Budman and I head out in about a couple of hours for 2 GLORIOUS weeks in Tuscany. Our villa is remote, with the nearest available internet connection about 5 miles away. So. blog posting during the vacation may be sporadic, but I will do my best to post.

Ciao, la Toscana!

Will’s place

Day 2 of the birthday weekend included a daytrip to Stratford-Upon-Avon to see many things, amongst them, Will’s place. By that I mean, William Shakespeare’s birthplace, the village that he spent much of his life in, as well as his burial place. An easy train trip southwest of London, Budman, SaraBeth, and Hachie Gal putzed about the day soaking in a little Tudor England.

Shakespeare's birthplace.

London BY 0807 024

London BY 0807 019

London HY 0807 021

Nash House was the home of Shakespeare’s daughter and son-in-law and site of the last known residence of Shakespeare. Nash house was not the home Shakespeare last lived in as it was sadly destroyed decades ago. Nash House and its gardens, however, are a faithful restoration and recreation of Tudor England.

London BY 0807 028

London BY 0807 039

London BY 0807 038

London BY 0807 036

London BY 0807 042

London BY 0807 044

London BY 0807 045

Holy Trinity Church, the burial place of William Shakespeare.

London BY 0807 048

London BY 0807 047

London BY 0807 046

London HY 0807 013

London HY 0807 010

London BY 0807 052

Scenes in Stratford-Upon-Avon and its namesake, the Avon River.

London BY 0807 029

London HY 0807 022

London HY 0807 019

London HY 0807 015

Watching the canal boats along the river Avon. Can't tell you what a crowd collected to watch a canal boat go through a couple of locks!

London HY 0807 023

London BY 0807 055

Budman at the Stratford-Upon-Avon train station.

London HY 0807 025

Do, re, mi, fa, so , la, ti...?

Almost forgot the birthday weekend photos! A great weekend celebrating 2 birthdays in early August: Hachie Gal and our niece, SaraBeth…in LONDON! The day included shopping, enjoying the sights, sounds, and food of London, the quintessential musical, The Sound of Music, and great company.

So, in essence, London’s West End was, in fact, “alive with the sound of music”.

London BY 0807 007

Budman and SB ponder, “How do you solve a problem like Maria?”

London BY 0807 008

A few of my favorite things…”

London BY 0807 006

The birthday girls…neither of us are “sixteen going on seventeen” …

London BY 0807 014

The sun has gone, and so to bed must I”…”So long…farewell…auf wiedersehen…goodbye!"

Say goodbye to Sweden

Well, this brings the Sweden trip to a close…for anyone who thought, “I never really wanted to go to Scandinavia”, it is a beautiful region, with incredibly nice people, great food, and gorgeous scenery. I can highly recommend it.

So, a few parting, and somewhat random shots from the trip.




Sweden_July 2007_Canon 071



Sweden_July 2007_Canon 037

Sweden_July 2007_Canon 116

Sweden_July 2007_Canon 053

Sweden_July 2007_Canon 148

Sweden_July 2007_Canon 103

Sweden_July 2007_Canon_1 015

Sweden_July 2007_Canon_1 012

Sweden_July 2007_Canon_1 203

Sweden_July 2007_Canon_1 156

Sweden_July 2007_Canon_1 206

Sweden_July 2007_Canon 099


One of the things we literally stumbled upon was Riddarsholmkrykan, a former church, that is now the resting place of nearly all the Swedish kings and queens, as well as more than its fair share of Swedish nobility. Yes, Desideria (of War and Fame as well as Desiree fame) is buried here with her French husband, Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, who later became King of Sweden, Karl Johan XIV.

Sweden_July 2007_Canon 055

Sweden_July 2007_Canon 062



Budman and Hachie Gal at Riddarholmskrykan.

Sweden_July 2007_Canon 060

Sweden_July 2007_Canon 058