Thursday, June 30, 2011

Large print

Question: What does it say when I have to use the "large print" London tube map?

Answer:  I think I know and I don't like the answer.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

a few not not alot

Olympic ticket updates...although I applied for £1800 of Olympic tickets through the online lottery system, I cane up almost empty.  Actually, I received 2 tickets for an early round of gymanstics; in other words, about £80 worth of tickets.

No one I have met has fared much better.  In all but one other case, no one I know that applied for tickets received  Guess I should be happy I landed got the tickets I did.

That said, within less than 4 hours of notification of my mostly unsuccessful ticket ballot attempt, I was offered another set of gymnastics and a pair of men's volleyball set of tickets, increasing my total London 2012 Olympics ticket tally to three events.

Clearly the friends and family approach is a better route...let you know how I fare in round 2 which commences tomorrow.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Ginger 1993-2011

Ginger, had more than 9 lives...she had at least double that.  Her warrior spirit kept going as each new health issue arose; she was a bit like that Energizer Bunny.  She just kept on ticking.

After 18 years however, the little body just gave out.  Rest in peace, "Sweet Kitty"!

Ginger Korea 8

baby 1208 003

Sweet Kitty in new bed 001

Computer Kitty 1

Ginger 0902 2

Sweet Kitty opens packages 1209 009

Sweet Kitty opens packages 1209 008

Sweet Kitty opens packages 1209 006

Sweet Kitty opens packages 1209 007

Sweet Kitty opens packages 1209 005

Ginger. Fall

Ginger 0110

Yea, that little yellow kitty liked to sleep!