Thursday, June 23, 2011

a few not not alot

Olympic ticket updates...although I applied for £1800 of Olympic tickets through the online lottery system, I cane up almost empty.  Actually, I received 2 tickets for an early round of gymanstics; in other words, about £80 worth of tickets.

No one I have met has fared much better.  In all but one other case, no one I know that applied for tickets received  Guess I should be happy I landed got the tickets I did.

That said, within less than 4 hours of notification of my mostly unsuccessful ticket ballot attempt, I was offered another set of gymnastics and a pair of men's volleyball set of tickets, increasing my total London 2012 Olympics ticket tally to three events.

Clearly the friends and family approach is a better route...let you know how I fare in round 2 which commences tomorrow.

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