Thursday, February 26, 2009

He's peeved

The Budman took a hit last week when he attempted to get his Korean license translated. This was the final activity required to get his UK driver's license exchanged. Oops, that option is no longer an option due to a technicality....I will spare you the details but he must now start at square one and follow the entire process of getting a provisional license, as well as taking theory and practical tests.

Needless to say, he is thrilled. We both are thrilled since we have a perfectly good SUV parked in front of the house. For 3 weeks now. The icing on the cake...Hachie Gal is back to the tube and bus gig for work.

I have been a very bad blogger

London Marathon Training: Week 11 of 19
Thursday target run: rest day

Long days at the office, daily runs, and busy weekends have resulted in Hachie Gal being a very bad blogger....Apologies. In no apparent order, updates on the last few weeks:

(1) For those who are interested, the training is going well, with my longest run to date being 3 hours.

(2) The Budman is still doing the weekly Iceland gig...I will get there one weekend when he is up there.

(3) Related to number 2, I finally had my passport returned to me along with ....drumroll UK provisional driver's license. What does that get me? Not much except the right to make an appointment to take my theory test. Mark your calendars for March 5th....that is gate #2 when I find out whether I will have a legitimate UK driver's license anywhere in my future. Translated...the right to take my practical driver's test.

(4) We are finally getting the house settled, pictures hung, and nesting finalized. We have been reminded on multiple occasions as to "why" the move to the new house in London was necessary. This house has MUCH better karma....

(5) And on the final update, I am saddened to report that I saw NONE of the Oscar nominated films this year, nor did I even see the Oscar show. It was not for lack of trying. I set the SKY recorder to tape the event, but sadly, I did not read the listings properly and instead recorded Ryan Seacrest's E! red Carpet show...not that it was uninteresting, but it was not what I wanted to see. Since the show started at 1 AM London time, I planned to order Chinese food, throw on the sweats, and watch the show on Monday laid plans. Next year, year....I will be back in my old form.

Monday, February 09, 2009

can you help the dogs?

London Marathon Training: Week 9 of 19
Monday target run: rest day

With the weeks ticking by and the training miles starting to rack up, I am 1200 GBP under my goal of raising 3000 GBP for my London Marathon, Guide Dogs UK. I received a little boost today when I was featured as a runner and fundraiser on the fundraising website. Check it out to hear about my training progress.

I have gotten great support from many friends and family and I will probably do one more fundraising push. Apologies to you all in advance if I have already hit you up for a donation 1-2 times before. My US contingency has been a little slow to rally to my cause but I know that there are many worthy causes to donate to.

Even a small donation would really help so if you read this blog, and have yet to donate, please consider doing so today! The dogs would appreciate and so would your friend (me). Plus, all those girl scout cookies, school fundraisers of wrapping paper and candles, and "whatever-a thons" has to pay off one day. Please help the Hachie Gal out!!!

You can donate by clicking on the icon to the right of the blog and going directly to my fundraising page. A few clicks and it will be over in a flash...I promise!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Happy Birthday, Budman!

London Marathon Training: Week 8 of 19
Sunday target run: 2 hours and 45 minutes
(I was really tired afterwards and ate like all horse all day long)

One year before the "next" milestone b-day for the Budman, this year's birthday was spent in a low-key fashion. Lunch in Chelsea with the Budman's college roommate who has just moved to London...The Budman is still doing the weekly Iceland gig, so a low-key birthday was more than perfect.

So, in honor of the Budman's special day, a little photographic retrospective.


Heidelberg Germany May 2005 009

Heidelberg Germany May 2005 051

Aachen July 2005 029

Warsaw Poland 0705 053


Dinkelsbuhl 101505 017

Rome Italy Day 2 052

Rome Italy Day 4 044

Italy Day 9 002

Nuremberg Christmas Market 2005 003

Colmar France Christmas Market 2005 002

Istanbul Turkey 2005 Disc 4 083

Cologne & Aachen 086

FT Road - Bad Karlshafen 005

FT Road - Hann Munden 020

Brugge Belgium 0506 080

Antwerp Belgium 0506 001

Dodengang, Diskmuide Belgium 0506 004

Zurich 0109 014

Windsor Castle and Frogmore 0808 068

Clarence House, Green Park, St. James Park, and Royal Mews 0808 033

Greve HY_021

Castelleone de Bibbione BY 091207 003

Sweden_July 2007_Canon_1 169


Berlin June 2007 005



London May 2007 001

Hattingen HY 014

Taipei-Chinese New Year 0204 019

London 0207 072

Dresden HY 1206 094

Saturday, February 07, 2009

update to the driving update

Oh yea...forgot to tell you about one of the questions on the driver's license application. There is of course, the requisite health-related queries. You know, the ones like "do you have or do you suffer from...:

* diabetes controlled by insulin
* implanted cardiac pacemaker
* epilepsy
* narcolepsy

I understand the need to screen an applicant's health so "ask away". I was a bit thrown when one of the last few questions asked: "Y/N - repeated attacks of sudden disabling giddiness".

How do I answer this? It's laughter, right?

driving update

London Marathon Training: Week 8 of 19
Wednesday target run: 6 x 90 sec speed work
Thursday target run: 45 minutes jog
Friday target run: 1 hour 27 minutes
Saturday target run: 45 minute jog

Well, the good news is that the provisional UK license has been applied for; the bad news is that I am 5 days into a maximum of 15 days waiting for the provisional license to be returned, along with my passport and resident visa. As I put all the necessary paperwork, identification, and photo into the envelope, it felt a bit like what I would imagine mothers must feel putting their child on the school bus for the very first time..."goodbye"............................

So, no travel for the Hachie Gal for a few weeks yet! All the better, cause I gotta study for the darn written driving test!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

ice capades

London Marathon Training: Week 8 of 19
Monday target run: off
Tuesday target run: speed work

or so I thought...can't run on ice, man!

It's "see you later", not "farewell"

Times, they are a-changin"...good people come and go...till we meet again...all the cliches. Exactly how does one say really say goodbye to colleagues that leave the work team? If they are well-liked, then it is never easy...parties and celebrations do go a long way, though, to providing that closure. Or better stated...that entree to the next chapter....

First, the Aussie of the group, Falcon (and his partner, Buffy) head back to the land of Oz, via Hong Kong for a little R&R. we cooking with gas!'ll be missed! Plus, you always make me laugh....A little happy hour for the Falcon was apropos ...we salute you!

Simon and Alistair going away 0109 018

Memories of Happy Hour...HR and the SSC gang!

Simon and Alistair going away 0109 001

Simon and Alistair going away 0109 008

Simon and Alistair going away 0109 005

Simon and Alistair going away 0109 003

Simon and Alistair going away 0109 009

Simon and Alistair going away 0109 006

Simon and Alistair going away 0109 007

Simon and Alistair going away 0109 004

Simon and Alistair going away 0109 011

Simon and Alistair going away 0109 013

Simon and Alistair going away 0109 002

And then there is the Scottish gentleman, Mr. P, who has been a coach and mentor to many of us in countless ways! In honor of him, the evening venue then changed as well as kicked into high gear with a dinner, and a cabaret act that got us ALL on our feet towards the end. I am a bit concerned that Nicci and Nigel must surely have thrown their hips out a whack with those dance moves. Seriously, all the best to Mr. P in the future, and especially on the links - the Budman and I look forward to heading up you way for a meal and a little sightseeing.

Simon and Alistair going away 0109 020

Party pics of Mr. P's dinner.....

Simon and Alistair going away 0109 024

Simon and Alistair going away 0109 028

Simon and Alistair going away 0109 030

Simon and Alistair going away 0109 023

Simon and Alistair going away 0109 031

Simon and Alistair going away 0109 029

Simon and Alistair going away 0109 014

Simon and Alistair going away 0109 019

Simon and Alistair going away 0109 025

Simon and Alistair going away 0109 022

Simon and Alistair going away 0109 016

Simon and Alistair going away 0109 015

Simon and Alistair going away 0109 021

The short answer to the earlier question: one can't say goodbye to dear is simply...I'll see you later!