Monday, February 09, 2009

can you help the dogs?

London Marathon Training: Week 9 of 19
Monday target run: rest day

With the weeks ticking by and the training miles starting to rack up, I am 1200 GBP under my goal of raising 3000 GBP for my London Marathon, Guide Dogs UK. I received a little boost today when I was featured as a runner and fundraiser on the fundraising website. Check it out to hear about my training progress.

I have gotten great support from many friends and family and I will probably do one more fundraising push. Apologies to you all in advance if I have already hit you up for a donation 1-2 times before. My US contingency has been a little slow to rally to my cause but I know that there are many worthy causes to donate to.

Even a small donation would really help so if you read this blog, and have yet to donate, please consider doing so today! The dogs would appreciate and so would your friend (me). Plus, all those girl scout cookies, school fundraisers of wrapping paper and candles, and "whatever-a thons" has to pay off one day. Please help the Hachie Gal out!!!

You can donate by clicking on the icon to the right of the blog and going directly to my fundraising page. A few clicks and it will be over in a flash...I promise!

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