Saturday, February 07, 2009

driving update

London Marathon Training: Week 8 of 19
Wednesday target run: 6 x 90 sec speed work
Thursday target run: 45 minutes jog
Friday target run: 1 hour 27 minutes
Saturday target run: 45 minute jog

Well, the good news is that the provisional UK license has been applied for; the bad news is that I am 5 days into a maximum of 15 days waiting for the provisional license to be returned, along with my passport and resident visa. As I put all the necessary paperwork, identification, and photo into the envelope, it felt a bit like what I would imagine mothers must feel putting their child on the school bus for the very first time..."goodbye"............................

So, no travel for the Hachie Gal for a few weeks yet! All the better, cause I gotta study for the darn written driving test!

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