Monday, February 02, 2009

worst snowstorm in Britain in 18 years...

...translated...everything came to a screeching halt today. Both the Budman and I worked from home, buses and tubes were inactive, and schools were closed. At our house alone, we had 8-10 inches.

Only thing happening in the outside world were the kids making snowmen. Ah... to have been out there with 'em.

For your viewing pleasure. First up: Sunday night snowfall just as it was beginning....

London Snow 0109 012

London Snow 0109 001

London Snow 0109 008

Early Monday AM...the decision NOT to drive to work has been made. Moments later, the Budman and I both learned that no mass transit meant it was a "work from home" day.

London Snow 0109 013

Snowbound...our house.

London Snow HY 0109 019

London Snow HY 0109 024

London Snow HY 0109 002

London Snow HY 0109 020

Our little neighborhood, and Acton Common.

London Snow HY 0109 023

London Snow HY 0109 015

London Snow HY 0109 011

London Snow HY 0109 007

London Snow HY 0109 014

London Snow HY 0109 016

London Snow HY 0109 004

London Snow HY 0109 003


Anonymous said...

I just saw the news about the snowstorm and I thought of you! I bet it was hard to stay in, but the pics are so pretty! (To an outsider who wishes for some snow) Take care and stay warm! TH

Hachie Gal said...

Both Budman and I worked from home...from 6 am or so till 8 pm...we got on a roll and just forged ahead. Budman never even stepped out of the house...I at least broke for 10 minutes to grab some photos for posterity. I was nice to be working from home together though!