Tuesday, August 19, 2008

not getting alot of sleep

The nights are late and long as we stay up to catch Olympic coverage in UK. Can I tell you how excited the UK is over their medal haul, especially in the cycling events. They are fifth overall in the medal count.

But I digress...as the Budman and I were catching up on the day's events...gymnastics, track and field ("Athletic" as they say here), cycling, diving, triathlon, etc....all those sports we follow so religiously in the states, the "lesser" events started getting coverage.

Too many years of living in Asia has tainted me, where the main Olympic coverage was for events like archery, judo, and table tennis....but not anymore. The Chinese are on fire. Which is why I had to laugh when we had 20 minutes of the strategy of the trampoline event. Trampoline? An Olympic sport?

Before I mock, I have to remember these guys have Olympic medals!


Anonymous said...

Be thankful your in England, I'm suffering here in Australia. The Aussie are fuming that Team GB/UK are higher in the medals table than Australia. I'm getting so much grief…….everything from the GB team can only win events sitting down...to why are 4 countries allowed to compete as one nation. Matt W

Hachie Gal said...

hey...sorry about the Aussie ladies basketball team!