Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm in!!!!!!!!!

OK...the good news is that I am into the list of runners for the April 2009 London Marathon. Now the fundraising and training begins in earnest.

As for the training, well...that is my will officially begin in October. More to follow on that progress...I am already looking forward to early morning London winter rainy training runs (yea...right).

The other exciting news is that for the first time in running 12 marathons, I am raising money for charity in addition to just training and running. It will probably come as no surprise that my charity of choice involves animals in some capacity....yes, I am raising money for the UK Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.

For those of you unfamiliar with the charity, the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association provides guide dogs and other mobility services to blind and partially-sighted people. The charity also campaigns for improved rehabilitation services and unhindered access for all blind and partially-sighted people.

My goal, you ask? 2000 GBP...or in USD parlance, about 4000 USD. I am just beginning the fundraising effort but I have a wonderful fundraising site that makes giving super easy! The link listed below can be copied and pasted into your browser OR you can click on the link in the upper right hand corner of this blog site.

So, if you feel that this is a charity you can endorse, or you want to show your support for me in this marathon endeavor, I will be more than honored for your support as would Guide Dogs.

Thanks in advance, run on, and woof-woof!

Hachie Gal

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