Sunday, October 12, 2008

I could use your support!

First, thanks to the wonderful response I have had from friends and family on the fundraising for the London Marathon 2009. I have made a good start and thanks to Guide Dogs accepting me into one of their charity spots, I actualyl have a spot at the starting line compared to 80,000 others who weren't so lucky! For the 37 donations I have received thus far....a HEARTY THANK YOU from me and a mighty WOOF-WOOF from the dogs!

Marathon training begins in earnest November 1st, but this year, I have two goals in mind: (1) to have good race and time in London and (2) reach and possibly "break" my fundraising target.

So, if you can humor me for the next few months, I will periodically be doing a little "promo" on my London Marathon charity, Guide Dogs, and asking for your support! For those who have already given, thanks for your indulgence....for those of you who still might be considering, I'd welcome your support.

It's super easy....just click on the word DONATE on the right hand side to link to my fundraising page...any and all support welcomed!

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