Monday, March 22, 2010

Silent and dark

Thanks for regular readers of the blog, that is....I have been silent and dark of late.

I am happy to report that is has everything to do with a full life from a work-life balance perspective and little to do with crazy hours at work.  Appreciate the queries....

So, what is new in the Hachie Gal's life?

(1)  Training hard for the London marathon..SO PLEASE donate if you can and are able.

(2)  The big race day is April 25th, and early indications are for an outstanding road crew this year.  BTW - the road crew is ALWAYS outstanding....this year, the hard core road crew veterans are back for round 3, plus will be joined by some marathon road crew pledges.  That is all goodness.

(3)  "And how is that training going?" you ask. Well, off the presses. As of my run this past weekend, I officially have a left calf muscle tear.  Started rehab today and hope to have enough time to work through the injury and have a good run.  Three days a week for physio and lots of R-I-C-E:  rest, ice, compression, and elevation.  Plus stretching and strengthening exercises.  I am nothing if not a dutiful patient.

(4)  The Budman's parents are heading east for a London visit around Easter, so we will share the parents with M/M who live in north London.  The sons have been busily putting the tourist itinerary together, researching websites, and checking out opening times, train schedules, and tourist books  Further good news is that the parents are not on a BA flight, so fingers crossed that there are no airline strike issues with their current carrier.

(5) Ginger is into her 13th life.....That yellow tabby is rivalling the Energizer Bunny, as she "keeps on ticking".  Good news on that front.

(6)  Budman's 50th b-day celebration took us to Marrakech.  "All aboard!".  Great 4 day to come soon.

Would love to hear how you are all doing, so drop me a line.

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