Thursday, June 03, 2010


Well, that time has arrived...World Cup fever is grabbing the Brits (and most of the rest of the world by storm.

Although the games will not officially start until the weekend, there is now hourly coverage on Team England and all that this could possibly include. If you can picture the media frenzy for the two weeks leading up to the NFL Super Bowl, you ahve the mental image about right for this event - only difference, 3/4 of the world are following these games, not just one country.

For example, today's newsworthy story was the interesting (not) airport landing signalling the arrival of the English lads (yea, I know...been in the UK too long if I actually pulled that word out and used it in a sentence). Followed shortly after this about how the footballers' wives were not keen on the choice of the Englis team's secluded hotel by the English coach because there was nothing to do in the area, no shopping, etc. Yawn...!

Things should spice up significantly this weekend when England's first match is against...who else, but the USA. As is my custom, I always root for two teams in these types of international competitions, the US and my host country. In this case, England. I just did not expect the showdown to come so early in the games. Oh well!

Hard to believe this is the 3rd World Cup that has occurred since living abroad...with the first one in Korea when we lived in Seoul (remember that riveting Korean battle cry - "Be the Red"? was a big deal but I never understood it), followed by next World Cup which was held in Germany when we were living in Dusseldorf. No, I was never interested in relocating to South Africa, in case you were seeing a trend here.

So, go Teams USA and England. Either way, my team wins this weekend.

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Missy said...

so do you feel as though your team won? or are you just sort of treading water with the results??