Friday, December 28, 2007

Day 5: Rothenberg ob de Tauber

The final days of Bob and Dee’s visit were spent visiting with one another as well as taking in two remaining Christmas markets. After three years of living in Germany, you would think that we would tire of seeing them, but we enjoy every market we visit, regardless of whether we have been there before or whether we buy anything or not.

Rothenberg ob de Tauber was the next to last stop in the Christmas market circuit with the Budman's parents. Besides the seasonal activities of the market, the village is chocked full of history, medieval structures, and really good food.

The sights and sounds of the Rothenberg Christmas market itself.

Rothenberg 015

Rothenberg 010

Rothenberg 007

Rothenberg 009

Rothenberg 011

Rothenberg BY 001

Rothenberg 004

Rothenberg BY 025

Rothenberg 050

Rothenberg BY 003

Rothenberg 023

Rothenberg 049

The quintessential Christmas decoration – prune men.

Rothenberg 008

The history of Rothenberg…its churches, architecture, and city wall.

Rothenberg BY 035

Rothenberg 055

Rothenberg 048

Rothenberg BY 023

Rothenberg 054

Rothenberg 042

Rothenberg BY 034

Rothenberg BY 032

Rothenberg BY 030

Rothenberg 047

Rothenberg 035

Rothenberg 036

Rothenberg 027

Rothenberg 024

Bob walks the city wall, checks out the churches, and explores Rothenberg.

Rothenberg BY 033

Rothenberg BY 028

Rothenberg BY 027

Rothenberg BY 026

The skyline of Rothenberg.

Rothenberg BY 031

Rothenberg 034

Evening in Rothenberg.

Rothenberg 066

Rothenberg 018

Rothenberg 029

Rothenberg 061

Rothenberg 065

Rothenberg BY 049

Rothenberg 072

Rothenberg 073

Schneeballen purchases - always a must!

Rothenberg 068

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