Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I spy a ...pickle?

Just when you think you have read or heard every Christmas tradition or story about a certain country that is possible, another tidbit surfaces to further round out your collection. In my case, it happens to be another German Christmas tradition that in this case, was shared by our Texan friends (Ellis County to be exact) who are living in the Czech Republic. Go figure!

I had often wondered why I saw German glass Christmas ornaments in the shape and color of pickles during my recent wanderings through the various Christmas markets. Everytime I would see such an ornament, I would ask myself, "Why would someone put this on his/her tree?". That's know, those little green things that you eat with burgers and fries. Well, now I know.

As the story goes, the German mother or father would place a Christmas ornament in the shape of a pickle on the family Christmas tree each year, and in a place that was a surprise to all the family. Then, whoever spied the pickle on the tree first would receive an extra little treat or gift that evening.

Clever little tradition, and one I like. Not that I am a slow learner or anything, and have just enjoyed my third Christmas in Germany without ever hearing of this before, I suppose I am now back out to the local shops in search of one final Christmas ornament.

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