Friday, March 06, 2009

Round 3

London Marathon Training: Week 12 of 19
Friday target run: 45 minutes

Well, I passed the driver's theory test. Thanks for the warm wishes and words of encouragement. That final bit of cramming definitely paid off when I breezed through the 50 multiple choice questions in 8 minutes. Score 100%.

The hazard perception test turned out to be a bit more tricky, as I had issues with the computer mouse on one of the video clips, resulting in my answers for one uestion being disqualifed. So, my score on this part: 73% but well over the 58% that was required.

OK, so I am now all systems "go" for the final hurdle, the practical test. After waiting one day for my scores to be posted, I am now sitting at my PC arranging for my test. UGH! I know find out that I the first test date in my area is April 27th...what gives???? That is 8 weeks from now..and the day after the marathon!

No use is what it is. The last challenge is to figure out how I get my car to the testing site since I am not able to legally drive it...nor is anyone on my insurance allowed to drive my car....and the Budman has no driver's license yet either.

Is it supposed to be this hard?

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