Monday, November 30, 2009

Ravenscourt Park and fireworks

What is a rainy Sunday afternoon perfect for doing? Downloading photos that have been stockpiled on my camera for without further ado....

Check out the November 6th post for details on what Guy Fawkes Day is all about; these photos show the Budman, Hachie Gal, Cyn, Paulster, Blondie, and Drama celebrating GF day with fireworks at Ravenscourt Park. Thanks, Cyn for your photos as well!

Budman and Hachie Gal...of course, Budman finds the cotton candy.

Cyn Firworks 3

Guy Fawkes Day 1109 008

Cyn Fireworks 2

Guy Fawkes Day 1109 007

Guy Fawkes Day 1109 002

Guy Fawkes Day 1109 004

Guy Fawkes Day 1109 003

Guy Fawkes Day 1109 001

Blondie and Drama, Paulster and Cyn's girls enjoy the rides.

Dunford girls

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