Friday, November 27, 2009

Taking a break from....

Well, we still continue to see lots of West End shows but we ahve taken a bit of break, given we are pretty caught up with the various productions. Lots of fun, new stuff headed this way over Christmas and early 2010, though.

Lately, we have been checking out all the FAB concerts this city has to offer. OK, so some will remember I actually took in a ZZ Top concert a few weeks back. Yes, the Hachie Gal. While not my favorite group, an icon in the music biz.

The last two weeks have seen something a bit more "my cup of tea". Two weeks ago, had the pleasure of seeing PINK the Apollo Hammersmith. This theater was the largest Art Deco movie theater ever built in London, and now serves as a concert venue. In itself, pretty impressive...seats about 5000 or so???? Anyway, Pink Martini was everything I thought they would be...I could listen to them for hours. Even played my fav tune, "Hang on Little Tomato". I truly wished the evening would never have ended.

This week, even amidst some illness, checked out SNOW PATROL at the Royal Albert Hall. Different sound, of course, but played over 2 1/2 hours....equally enjoyable.

Next up? Well, kinda embarassed to admit it, but hey-ho, it is their Christmas concert. We are "Il Divo" bound in a couple of weeks.

Yep, eclectic.

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