Monday, October 25, 2010

A page out of Rumplestilskin's book

The silence on the blog has been a direct result of lots of active projects/deals at work and the probate of my aunt's estate. 

Following P's memorial service, I "emotionally" slept for what felt like 2-3 entire weeks.  I know I went through the daily and weekly actions and to-do's of home and work, but it felt a little like driving your car home very late at night.  You know what I mean.....You make it home, but can't remember the drive. Upon further reflection, you have no memory of the road, the songs on the radio, let alone the drive home. 

Well, I can equate feeling that same thing to the last few weeks following P's service:  I wrote those thank-you notes, paid those bills, filed legal documents, and spent way too much time on the phone each night to various and sundry people, businesses, and organizations in the US with a "need" to know of her passing.  Still I have little or no memory of any it. 

Yep, one big blur. 

Or perhaps, one "big sleep".  Now it feels like the time is right for closure, to get things finalized and move on.  In other words, wake up out that 7 month slumber.  So, coming up is my 7th trip to the US in as many months....this time with the express view of getting the court to appoint me as executor of P's estate and getting this "show on the road".  So, step 1 is identified. Spoken in true P fashion.

Still, if you have dropped me a note, sent a card or email, or wonder why the silence from my end, just know that it has been my mind (and body's) way of coping. Me and Rumplestilskin have been over there snoozing under the tree.

I just wish I felt as refreshed as he did after his 100 year nap!

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