Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wish I could take credit

After the PC crash yesterday....and a painful 8 hours on the phone with my company's "help" desk (not), I gave up the ghost at 3 am...a total washout on the PC front.  A complete rebuild from scratch was required but had to wait until morning and a trip into central London.

As I ascended the stairs, I heard the beep of the IPhone and saw a post from a long (and usually very funny friend) on yesterday's post...it was exactly the laugh I needed.

H - Glad to hear you're back and I hate to be the one to tell you. While you were asleep, it was Rip Van Winkle that was asleep for a 100 years while Rumplestilskin was converting straw into gold. Now if we could fall asleep for 100 years on a stack of hay and wake up in a pile of gold, THAT would be a story.

And just to lose the report, there was no extra gold laying about my house.

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