Friday, August 05, 2011

FB Friend Requests

Has everyone become as "strict" as me on accepting Facebook requests to people either (1) they don't know, or more importantly, (2) can't remember?

Don't get me wrong, I think FB is great for reconnecting to people in your past, i.e. high school, hometown neighborhood, college, first employer, etc.

I am continually perplexed though when I see a name and I think "Do I even know this person?" and "Do I accept a FB request when I am not sure I know this person" Sometimes, I try to look at the requester's friend list to give me a clue where in my past I might have known this person. Even that does not always solve the mystery. Then the inevitable...I sometimes feel a bit guilty for just a brief moment that my memory has gone blank. Or should I?

But only for a moment....then I decline the request.

Sorry if I have offended anyone b/c I "should've but didn't" remember you. Blame it on age :-)

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