Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Less than one year...

It is less than year before the capital city of UK will be awash with Olympic fever....

So, how's the progress thus far?

* UK Olympic sites are either finished or on target to be ready in plenty of time for the events.

* Marketing for event tickets has been "smashing" much so, that only 700,000 people got any tickets with another 1.2 million people missing out altogether. From an event promoter perspective, the marketing worked. From an attendee perspective, kinda a bust.

* Everything now is about "Team GB". Athletes are participating in a vast array of world events as we speak, with an eye to the Olympic games next July. Almost reminds me of US Presidential elections...I have an entire year to "listen" to all things "Olympic"....ugh!

* every company seems to be an "official sponsor" of the London Olympics, i.e. "McDonald's is the official restaurant of the London 2012 Games." Don't get me wrong, thanks McD's for the sponsorship, but (1) are you really a "restaurant" and (2) most of the menu kinda flies in the face of healthy eating.

My personal favorite is the "advice" being given by employers to staff about how to deal with the inevitable transportation challenges, A YEAR BEFORE THE EVENT EVEN TAKES PLACE, including:

• Taking vacation around the Olympic games to avoid travelling.
• Working from home or relocating to other company office locations outside of the London area for the 6 week games period (Olympics and Paraolympics)
• Altering working hours to avoid busy times on the public transport system.
• Using alternative types of transport to get to work (e.g. walking or cycling).
• Changing the way you meet clients and partners - use video or web conferencing).

Great suggestions but somw a bit more possible that others (i.e. not planning on walking the 37 miles to work southward or 8 miles into central London)...

Personally..I like the vacation one the best...hmmm...sounds like a perfect excuse for a trip!

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