Monday, December 12, 2011

This first Christmas gift of the season - GO BEARS!

We purposely did not read emails or phone texts, read the online or paper news, and certainly did not watch any sports news coverage when we woke up on Sunday morning until AFTER we watched the replay of the NCAA Heisman Trophy presentation. Our satellite carrier provided coverage of the presentation, albeit in a tape delay format at 2 AM London time, so we got up early to watch it as a "pseudo live" presentation.

Yes, there is indeed a Santa Claus, as RGIII (a.k.a Robert Griffin III), was the first ever Baylor football player to receive the coveted Heisman Trophy. "Here Come the Bears!"

Not only is this young man an accomplished football player, but he is a student athlete with 3.9 GPA (having already completed his undergraduate degree in Political Science and is on track to complete his Masters in the spring), has aspirations for law school, is a team player, humble, and a religous young man. A credit to himself, his family, and Baylor University!!!!

Now, all I want for Christmas now is the RGIII Heisman win T-shirt!