Friday, June 01, 2012

I am made of the journey not just the distance

The Asics Stockholm Marathon is tomorrow, Saturday, June 2 at 12 noon.  Never ran a marathon that began that late.

As I reflect on the race tomorrow, it will be #6 for the year of marathons.  As a friend has calculated for me, if the marathon challenge was actually a marathon, I would be at mile 11.  Tomorrow, I reach the halfway point.

What can I expect tomorrow?  Well, 90% rain and a high of 48 degrees.  It has been downright cold and wintery today but the proper running gear is laid out, race course marked, food and beverages collected, and alarms are set (although no worry about oversleeping this race day).

I totally agree with the Asics, the Stockholm Marathon, sponsor  This has all been about the journey.....not just the distance.

Taking it one step at time.

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