Friday, June 01, 2012

Praha Maraton

The post is a little overdue, since it has been 3 weeks since the Prague Marathon and no update.  Sorry friends!

In summary, the fifth race in the "12 marathons in 12 months in 2012" challenge proved to be the best race yet.  I felt great in the week leading up to race, was rested and hydrated, had no nagging aches and short, I had done all I could do and felt relatively assured I was going to run a good race (for me, anyway).  Now I needed to rely on Mother Nature and a flat marathon course.

Before I get to race day overview, the marathon expo provide to be quite enjoyable, with lots of vendors, as well as THE photo opportunity of my life.  Yea, that is me with the "new" women's world marathon record time (get the 12 theme again????).  Sorry, Paula, but I had to beat you, if only in my dreams.

I was not dissapointed.  Race day bright and sunny for marathon #5, including just the slightest of breezes to keep cool throughout the race.

As I arrived at the marathon start (above), sunshine was periodically followed by  a little intermittent cloud cover throughout the race, but no complaints otherwise.  Great race logistics, by the way Prague Marathon Organizers, with multiple drink stops along the way and a flat and slightly undulating course to keep things interesting.

Road crew and Road Crew Chief all rolled into one; the Budman was able to see me over 7 times throughout the day thanks to a couple of out and back loops. When he saw me at km 30, we both knew a sub 5 hour marathon was in my sight.

A few photos from the day, along the cobblestoned course (my 2nd set of cobblestones in 5 marathons).

Getting tired, but encouraged by the run...the last loop along the river.

And now the big finish (and in multiple photos) in a time of 4:55:06.  The Marathon Foto paparazzi were definitely out in full force on the day.  And yes, could I have gotten the hand gesture number "5" in a few more photos? 

Good to see that the Hachie Gal's signature running sign, the proverbial "thumbs up" has crept back into the picture.  Maybe that is why those neck and shoulders were a little tight the next day?  Good grief.. "Run Forrest, run!"

And it's all over except the celebatory burger and fries.

And now, on to Stockhom...oh yea...that is tomorrow!

Taking it one step at a time!

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