Sunday, January 06, 2008


Yes, the Budman takes up residence today in the "new" house in London. As his new job starts tomorrow (and Hachie Gal is tending to the felines in D'dorf), he is trekking out on his own in our new neighborhood this week.

While we will be living in London, we will be living in an area known as Chiswick. The house and area are actually:

(1) only new to us, as this dwelling is well over a 100 years old. That's nothing in the UK.
(2) located in west London, on the District and Piccadilly lines for you "London tubers",
(3) just off the Chiswick High Road, which is quite convenient for walking to the tube, restaurants, shopping, and errands.

Now, what exactly is a "high road", you ask? Best I can tell, it is something akin to the USA "main street" concept, where these streets were the central thoroughfares in a town or village, and where most of the shopping and town activity was located.

I am up for a better translation if anyone can assist...

I am now back in "learning" mode as we now have a whole new country to learn. Being this is the 5th country we've lived in, at least there are no language issues to deal with....

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