Thursday, January 03, 2008

Finding a Place to Live in London: Lesson 3

Lesson 3 deals with terminology. Let me do a rough translation into US terms so you can follow:

(1) Letting Agent - translated, real estate agent.

(2) Getting onto the property ladder - mainly applies to people buying houses or apartments who are trying to enough cash, personal credit, etc. to be able to purchase housing. This is a problem in the UK as housing prices are skyrocketing.

(3) reception area - i.e. living room or family room.

(4) "spacious" reception area - sadly, there is no such thing. The house we settled on has two reception areas that flow into one... the first one is 11' x 11'3" and the second room is 13'3" x 13'3".

(5) "shower room" - full bathroom that has a shower but no bathtub. Most likely a converted closet. get the picture. Once you learn the lingo, you can sound like a savvy prospect.


Jim said...

Well Hachie girl and Budman, I’ve been following your blog almost since you moved to D'dorf. I'm said to see you leave my former home though I have a feeling I'll be following your blog to London as I loved my trips to the UK, like your writing style and love your pictures.
I had to laugh at your real estate comments, not because I've moved to London, but because it’s not all that dissimilar to my move to New York. No Multiple Listing Service, no marketing of properties from affiliated offices by one person, and a wide variety of experience levels when it comes to sales people.
Since most of the stock I looked at was prewar, apartments and townhouses, there was no living room or great room in the modern sense. It had a parlor or in renovated buildings, parlor/dining area combined. Mine is about 20' X 11' at its widest, kitchen is 10' X 7' but I love it. And it’s only about 120 years old!

Anyway, thanks again for the memories of Germany and Europe, and look forward to more adventures in the coming months and years as you travel to York, Oxford, and Lake Country and to Scotland and Wales. Keep having fun!

Hachie Gal said...

JIm - thanks for the interest. Yes, the blog will be continuing so keep checking back.