Friday, January 04, 2008

Success at last

What a week we've had! While prepping for move, two major hurdles were overcome this week. First, Hachie Gal's work visa was approved in record time (no real reason as to why except that good manners must have prevailed - when you ask people something nicely, they often are happy to help).

Secondly, the house lease is final. We definitely have a place to hang our hats at night. And not a moment too soon. Budman reports for work on Monday in London. The girls (felines) and Hachie Gal must wait another month for that darn pet paperwork to be finalized.

Now, the only remaining thing to determine is whether the landlord's agent removed the fish from the fish pond in the "garden". I am not in the market for more mouths to feed.

Will confirm on Monday. If the fish are still there, we all know what will happen. Hachie Gal cannot turn strays away.

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