Saturday, November 01, 2008

miscellaneous musing #3

We are becoming paranoid...

After a mad dash throughout the house this evening to find Budman's lost house keys (of which Hachie Gal had been using after a few quick errands on the high street), they are nowhere to be found.

We look in Hachie Gal's coat pockets.
We look in Hachie Gal's purse.
We look on the floor, behind the front door, in the front garden, on the stairwell, and in the dining room.
We even look under the front door welcome mat.

At this point, I am starting to think someone is "gas-lighting" me (OK...who knows this movie reference?) because I am looking everywhere for the keys when the Budman exclaims, "You must have left the keys in the front door and someone has stolen them. It is probably our next door neighbors" (who are now the first expected culprits of any pranks, foul play, or shenagihans).

Indignantly I say, "I did not leave the keys in the front door", although inwardly there is no explanation for where they have disappeared. Granted my hands were full with a 10 pound box of cat litter, it was cold and rainy and I was bundled up tightly with coat, scarf, and gloves, and was clutching a dripping umbrella...all while trying to unlock the front door.

One last desperate search through the umbrella stand when I thought to remove the umbrella and open it one last time ...indoors. Yes, I know it is supposed to be bad luck to open umbrellas indoors but I was panicked.

Bear in mind that the Budman is now 4 steps away from the phone as he makes the emergency weekend call to a local locksmith, when I hear the jingle jangle of keys falling from inside of the umbrella.

Look at it this way...I will take the "bad luck" hex over the locksmith bill ...any day.

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