Wednesday, November 05, 2008

sorta like Christmas morning

Try as I may, I could not keep my eyes open last evening as I waited for "real" election news to roll in. You know what I mean...the official news like whether McCain or Obama would win which state and its electoral votes. Yet the incessant "filler" stories from CNN on their unoffocial projections and their new election night technology proved simply too much of a yawn factor. Off to bed I trounced.

I awoke this morning to remember that US election results should have been announced as I slumbered in my bed in London. At least I hoped and prayed that there would be no lingering announcements in store for the US people states that had hanging or pregnant chad people that we learned had been turned away incorrectly at polling stations. Another labored fight over the presidency would have been too much.

First stop: email. I knew the race was all but over when I saw the sheer volume of CNN Breaking News text messages in my inbox. So, rather than "tear the wrapping paper gingerly off the Christmas package", I raced to the last CNN email, dated only a couple of hours before to see the official news.

Barack's the new US Prez. Time will tell if we like this Christmas surprise or not, but I wish him well because whomever won is gonna have their hands full.


Anonymous said...

It is a very exciting time. When he was announced as president elect, you could hear screams and horns honking in NYC. Of course, it was all but impossible to get a NY Times the next day! I'm also happy that it was a clear victory and not evenly divided with no lingering questions -- shows that the country is ready for something different from the last 8 years - new direction, new leadership, new vision.

-- MY

Hachie Gal said...

I hope it comes to pass. Quite frankly...not sure anyone is really upto the task. Time will tell.