Thursday, July 09, 2009

Dos Casas

Two Gaudi private residences are available for touring in BCN: Casa Batllo and Casa Mila. Since time was of the essence for us, the Budman and I opted to tour Casa Batllo. WOW! I still find it hard to imagine that this built in 1906 - he was quite ahead of his time.

Barcelona HY batch 1 0509 117

Built as a block of flats commissioned by Senor Batllo, it involved a conversion of an existing building complete with stunning mosaics, fantastic carpentry, tiling, and chimneys and rooftop. The building has been said to symbolize the legend of St. George killing the dragon whose scaly back arches above the main facade. OK - what gives with St. George? He is apparently a favorite for artistic intrepration across all of Europe - a bit overused though?????

Barcelona HY batch 1 0509 119

Salvador Dali saw the curving rails, walls, and windows as representative of waves on a stormy day!

Interior of Casa Battlo.

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Barcelona BY 0509 072

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The chimneys, usually unseen and functional, have become Gaudi's trademark. These are covered in mosaic tiles. Additional photos show pictures of the dragon's back.

Barcelona BY 0509 094

Barcelona BY 0509 096

The ceramic cross was made in Mallorca but was damaged in transit. Gaudi liked the cracked effect and used it anyway. The arms point to the cardinal points of the compass.

Barcelona BY 0509 104

Night shots of the exterior of Casa Batlló.

Barcelona HY batch 2 0509 008

Barcelona HY batch 2 0509 010

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