Saturday, July 04, 2009

Modernisme and Gaudi

Towards the end of the 19th century, a new style of art and architecture was born in Barcelona. Modernisme, a variant of Art nouveau, was embraced by many artists and architects. Common characteristics of this architectural design include:

all aspects on interior and exterior decoration and design follow the art form
use of parabolic arches in decorative and structural elements
elaborate use of wrought iron
organic forms inspire; use of animals and plants in the decorative elements
dramatic cupolas
curved lines

Born in Reus, Antoni Gaudi was the leading proponent of Catalan Modernisme. With highly original work, he went on to create some of the finest buildings, homes, parks, and churches in Barcelona. His most celebrated work, the church of the Sagrada Familia (upcoming post), was his life’s passion from 1914 to his death in 1926, when he was killed by a tram.

We devoted one entire day in BCN to a tour of Gaudi’s buildings (see below). Many buildings are not open to the public, but several of them are including Casa Mila, Casa Batilo, and of course, Sagrada Familia. More on these three structures later.

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Barcelona BY 0509 067

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