Monday, January 04, 2010

Resolutions, returning to work, taking down the Christmas tree, and other January blues

It is not that I dislike January, winter weather, or employment. It does however signal a "return to normal", whatever normal is and that with January comes a signal that the Christmas holidays are indeed over.

No more staying up to 3 AM watching old movies, only checking email once a day (yes, those of you who know me should be proud), no more galavanting about London playing tourist....sadly, January indicates that the Christmas "stay-cation" has come to a close. We sure did enjoy that R&R and downtime, though.

As we embrace a new year (and decade), the Hachie Gal decided that this was the year of practical resolutions. Nothing unattainable, lofty, or Type - A oriented goals in the lot (please, no more cracks about the 13th marathon). Resolutions are a bit personal so I will refrain from too much introspection in this venue. Suffice to say, I have already begun to put several of those into practice.

Realizing that resolutions are made to be broken, any progress on the resolution front is goodness in my book. I am a winner either way I look at it.


Missy said...

I like your practical resolution resolution. I had to talk a friend out of giving up soda "forever" for that very reason. Not that I'm a soda fan, but that's just doomed.

Hachie Gal said... was pretty basic stuff....and nothing noble....kike trying a new London restaurant once a month....

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