Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas vacation has technically begun

True, I technically have one more day of work before the lights go out on 2010 professionally speaking, but mentally, I am already there.

Although we saw alot of shows in 2010, our annual show tally took a big hit given the events of 2010.  So, on Saturday, we hit a double-feature theatre day so to speak with the matinee of WHEN WE ARE MARRIED (a J.B. Priestley play at the Garrick Theatre)

and LEGALLY BLONDE (a fun but goofy musical based on the film of the same name and showing at the newly renovated art-deco Savoy Theatre).

Both show receive a thumbs up from our perspectives and were definitely worth a few laughs, and a nice "feel-good" reaction at the show's conclusion.  The Budman surprised me with a dinner at the newly renovated Savoy Hotel River Grill between shows.  Interestingly, the elderly couple seated next to us at dinner, who were Savoy River Grill regulars pre hotel renovation, told us repeatedly throughout dinner that there "used to be a view of the Thames from the restaurant."  We can confirm there is no longer a view but it was still a lovely restaurant with a great ambience.

I like the way that Christmas Vacation 2010 has kicked off!

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