Sunday, December 12, 2010

why am I not surprised

It has been a little over a weekend after Missy's arrival in London, so we began to worry when day 6 hit and she had eaten mas!  How can that be?  This little cat is a porker (in the sweetest sense of the word) so we determined that a trip to the vet was certainly in order.

Of course, I was in Warwick on a business trip when this situation erupted so a concerned Budman took off a bit of time from work to rush Missy to the vet. Good thing we did as she had lost about 200 grams of weight in a week or about 11% of her body weight in 6 days. Not a good situation, not a terribly convenient one either.

After tests, blood work, and a bit of forced syringed feeding, the only thing our vet could really say is "What is it with you two and your menagerie of cats?".  Code for "we can't find a thing wrong with her really". Other possibilities emerged as explanations for the loss of appetite, such as stress from the journey to a new home in the UK, new pet owners, and perhaps even the death of her previous owner.  Whatever the reason, we were charged with trying to find something - anything that she would eat.

Next stop, Sainsbury's where we walked the pet food AND seafood aisles for canned, dry, or moist food that Missy might eat.  We bought one of everything!  And after the taste test that ensued on Sunday, we have found one tin of wet cat food that she will eat.  That's the good news.

The bad news is that Ginger, who is only allowed to a special type of cat food due to HER heath related issues, and who is now blind and deaf, apparently has a nose that still works really well.  She has now been dubbed as "nadar" as the moment Missy's food is put out, "the nose knows" and she takes off in the direction of the other food.

One cat who won't eat, and one cat that only wants the other cat's food.
Yea....'nuff said.

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