Thursday, May 19, 2011

London 2012 Olympic Ticket Upate

OK, so I totally caved in and spent the better part of one day mapping out my Olympic ticket strategy, events, and locations before entering the ticket ballot process for the London 2012 Olympics. An exercise in logistics management if ever I saw one.

I will refrain from admitting to the total cost of tickets for which I submitted an entry but suffice to say it will be a chunk of change if I get all my requests.  I based my logic on the fact that I have the worst luck in ticket ballots known to mankind, and rarely ever obtain the tickets I endeavor to purchase. That said, I am conscious that I could be "too successful" in this ballot process, and will quickly be converting next year's vacation into a "stay-cation" if my tickets requests all pan out. 

UK Olympic organizers state that all ballot entrants will be told by June 24 if any tickets will be awarded so they will only have use of my funds for about 4 weeks before they say "yea/nay" to my requests.  I put into for the usual suspects:  opening and closing ceremonies, track and field, gymnastics, swimming, and diving, as well as for equestrian, basketball, and cycling. 

At this point, the Budman and I are an affirmed "no" to rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming, archery, and table tennis.  Suppose I ought not to "diss" these sports before I find out if I got my other ticket choices.  Worst case scenario, I can at least see the women and men's marathons live.

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