Thursday, May 05, 2011

Royal wedding: my viewing point

Thanks for all the emails and cards I received from friends outside of the UK inquiring on my plans for attending the Royal Wedding.  You are a clever lot, and I have heard it all more than a few times (wink-wink):

My invitation to the wedding must have been lost in the mail; hence why the Budman and I watched the ceremony live on TV with 2 billion other global guests...happily ensconced from the sunny and warm haven of Provence.

Yes, my wedding hat must be gorgeous; in fact, I did not need a hat for the royal wedding (see bullet above).  I am happy report that my stash of hats has multiplied dramatically for other events since living in London.

No, I am not planning on camping out overnight on the Mall to stake my claim for a slab of concrete so I can view the wedding couple's carriage return from the Abbey.

*  Yes, I thought the "Duchess of Canterbury's" dress was lovely. 

Yes, I loved the John Rutter choral piece that was sung: my choral friends were particularly interested in knowing my reaction this since Rutter is personal favorite of mine.

No, not planning on serving tea, scones, or finger sandwiches while I am watching the royal wedding on TV. 

And finally, NO, I was not planning on buying any Royal Wedding souvenir paraphernalia, but then I spied a spoof t-shirt in Aix-en-Provence on the wedding day, and say, "sure, what the heck!"

Before you think I am a bit cold-hearted about the royal wedding fever in London, rest assured, I scrambled (from France) to set the Sky recorder via my IPhone minutes before coverage of the ceremony began.  Monday afternoon, I ensconced myself on the sofa for the full replay.

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