Friday, May 11, 2012

Dr. E - my "Prague" honorary person

Thanks to everyone who continues to support my cause by donating to Cancer Research UK as part of my "12 marathons in 12 months in 2012".  I certainly could not have done it thus far without you all!

Donations hover at 57% of goal...just a few pounds shy of £7000.  I am humbled by the generosity of those who have contributed in memory or honor of a loved touched by cancer, or who have simply been willing to support my crazy scheme.  Please know that your donations do and can make a difference  - all donations are still welcome!

My bags and "remembrance team" list is packed - currently there are 58 names that I remember in few moments of silence as I wait at the start line.  These special peopel are with me again this coming Sunday.

However, this race will be a little more special because I am running in honor of a high school/Baylor friend, Doug (a.k.a. "Dr. E" for the purposes of this blog) who was recently diagnosed with and is successfully battling bladder cancer.  You know who you are and the Budman and I love you and your family to bits!  Just know that I will be dedicating this race to you; when the race gets a little lonely or I get a little tired, I'll be spurred on by the courage youare displaying as your face your bout with cancer right now!

So, for all of those who know Dr. E or simply want to show your support, no better way than by a donation to Cancer Research.

Taking it one step at time!

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