Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Never underestimate the impact one person can have

Running my marathons for charity has been very rewarding and has certainly sustained me during the training and all the actual races by simply reflecting on the postive impact these monies can make.  In the London marathon alone:

* Marathoners who ran on behalf of Cancer Research UK, of which I was one of 800 runners, raised over £1.5 million (that is USD 2.4 million). 
*  In 2010, over £50 million (USD 80.8 million) was raised by runners for charities.
*  Since its inception, London Marathoners have raised over £450 million (USD 727 million).

That is a chunk of change raised by people just like me....doing nothing but running marathons.

Perhaps my little £6800 raised to date this year does not go far by itself, but never undestimate the small efforts of many people.  When combined with "other small efforts", the results can be inspiring.  Never underestimate the impact that one person can make.

Many of you are aware of a young woman who died while running last month's London marathon.  She had less than 600 meters to go before crossing the finish line when she collapsed on the course and died shortly thereafter.  Her fundraising goal of £500 for her chosen charity had been reached by the time she ran the race; today, thanks in large measure to 80,000 strangers donating mostly in £5 or £10 increments, she has raised posthumously £1,126,193 (or $1,819,970).   Never underestimate the impact that one person can make.

This holds true for so many things in life. For example:

* if everyone picked up 3 pieces of trash a day, what an amazingly clean place we would live in.

* if everyone donated 3 cans/boxes of food to a food bank, our food banks would be overflowing.

* if everyone donated just their smallest denomination loose change to worthy causes, think of the the charities those "pennies, nickels, dimes" or "pence" could that otherwise often ends up in money jars or cannisters on a shelf in closet or cabinet.

* If everyone donated 3 hours a month to help someone else, a senior citizen, a physically or mentally challenged individual, or just someone who needed a little extra a yard or garden, running some errands, cooking a meal, visiting someone who is ill...what a difference this could make in the life of someone else.

* If everyone encouraged 3 people a achieve a goal or dream, to get through a rough patch, to let them know they are loved and appreciated, the dark days would not be as dark and the mountains would not seem so high or the valleys quite so low.

Never underestimate the impact that one person can make.

Taking in one step at a time,

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