Friday, May 11, 2012

Trials and tribulations of UK immigration

I get that the current state of UK Immigration and Border Control is not good. The agency has had to cut budget, lay off staff, and do more with less.

Trouble is more people (residents and non residents) enter the country more each week at LHR than ever before. Recently, immigration queues have been 2+ hours where hundreds of people wait on 2 immigration officials to process everyone. Literally.

Thankfully, for 6 more months I can enjoy IRIS and bypass the long lines...when it's working, that is.

When not, I come mentally prepared and make sure I have a book handy.

Imagine my surprise when departing LHR tonight to find 4 immigration officials checking passports of travellers leaving the UK, not entering. And this was after previously being checked and going through security. What gives?

Gotta tip for those UK immigration lads and lassies. Send those dudes to the arrival hall.... Please!

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