Monday, April 30, 2012

I entered...4th time

I never know what the year ahead will look like in terms of running schedules, nor how work or travel will interfere with the training schedule for a marathon.

Still, I would have less than 4 hours to decide about whether to enter next year's Virgin London Marathon if history is any indicator.  Routinely, the applications close out at 120,000 applications in usually between 4 -5 hours after opening up.  In other words, the lottery opens and closes on the same day.

Since my future this time next April is totally undetermined and unknown, it is better to submit an application for the marathon lottery and then decide NOT to run.  So, at 8:09 AM this morning, I sent that 2013 marathon application in.

London again?  I always say, "probably not; this is my last one", and then I end up running.  This would be #4.

Taking it one step at a time!

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