Thursday, April 26, 2012

Heart of a runner

No matter what the time, the heart of a runner "always keeps on keeping on"!

Thanks to a fabulous road crew who always "kept on keeping on" as well - special thanks to:

(1) Budman - Road crew chief
(2) Cyn - Assistant road crew chief
(3) Paulster – rainman of Transport for London
(4) MY - now, forever to be known as "Blue 6"
(5) ML - road crew CTO(6) SB - niece extraordinaire
(7 and 8) Rolf and Pierre – entertainers for the road crew
(9 and 10) Christina and Stuart – stalwarts of the road crew year after year
(11) Debbie – fabulous fellow runner who always believes “I can”
(12) Dimitrios – the biggest smile greeting me along the course


I could not have done it without you guys and look forward to cheering you all on to victory in your own race one day! Till then…..THANK YOU!

PS – race day summary to follow.

Taking it one step at a time!


Cyn In London said...

It is my honour to serve such a worthy cause!

Hachie Gal said...