Friday, June 27, 2008

Photos from Royal Ascot

A day at the Royal Ascot.

First, our delightful travelling companions, Cynthia and Paul, now to be forever dubbed on the blog as Cyn and the Paulster.

Ascot 0608 020

Budman and Hachie Gal on the train to Ascot. "Do you like my party hat?"

Ascot 0608 002

Stylin' Texas gals go British!

Ascot BY 0608 008

Arrival at Ascot and the racetrack.

Ascot 0608 006

Ascot 0608 010

Ascot 0608 025

The Queen and her royal entourage arrive by coach. Yes, Liz and Phil are in these coaches, microscopic as they are.

Ascot 0608 012

Ascot 0608 018

Ascot BY 0608 007

The Paulster and Budman select a horse - "hmmm, looks like a pretty good choice..."

Ascot 0608 028

...sadly it was not a good choice...none of them were!

Mardi and Simon at Ascot. Looks like the Aussie had a winner.

Ascot 0608 017

More shots of the Budman and Hachie Gal.

Ascot BY 0608 005

Ascot BY 0608 004

Ascot 0608 022

Mardi, Simon, and the Oyster guy .

Ascot BY 0608 012

Relaxing after Ascot.

Ascot 0608 035

Ascot 0608 032

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