Saturday, June 28, 2008

Starting to emerge from the black hole

It is T-3 days before THE project at work concludes. Bluntly put, Hachie Gal is starting to emerge from the black hole of the last 18 months, coming out of the cocoon of work, entering the real world again....metaphorically speaking.

Thankfully, there were the snippets of work-life balance along the way to remind me that one day I would rejoin the human race and do all the things the "regular people" go for runs, squander a weekend doing nothing but what you want to, when you want to do it, join the girls for a movie and dinner, finish that unpacking and settling into the London house, and of course, enjoy more time with the Budman.

If it had not been for these snippets, well...we just would not want to go there. In no apparent order, some of the UK outings that have saved me along the way.

A Saturday night at Wembley enjoying the cheesy but greatly entertaining Dancing on Ice. In case you can't tell, I am in the first photo, and Torville and Dean in the second one. (wink-wink). The Budman and I were in the nosebleed section of Wembley Stadium but we didn't care.

Dancing with the stars 002

Dancing with the stars 005

BTW - When does the national tour of Dancing with the Stars begin?????

Weekend opening of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull brought the Budman, Hachie Gal, Cyn, and the Paulster to Leicester Square for the film. A quick poll...yes, along with Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, France, The Netherlands, Germany, and now the UK...all these countries have assigned seating in the theatre. Come on US, get with the program. This is a concept I can get behind!

I was so ready to get out and see a screen other than the one on my PC, I did not even balk at the 19 GBP price PER ticket. If you have to do the math, you do not want to even know how much it costs.

A little rain in London town...

Indy 0608 002

Indy 0608 001

And yes, the girls did hit the weekend opening of Sex and the City, stopping off at a pub afterwards.

Sex n the city 0508 002

Finally, a tour of the Dream Factory, a member of the studio audience, and a couple of shows later...a visit to the UK version (where the show indeed all started) of Deal or No Deal. My shows air on September 24th. First show, I am sitting right behind the set wall - bummer. Second show, second row...right behind the contestant and, I am gonna be on TV! Set the recorder now. photos....

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