Monday, February 22, 2010

Dance for Sports Relief

Once again, Cyn and Paulster pulled out studio tickets for the taping of the TV show, BBC's Dance for Sports Relief, so off to Ealing Studios we traipsed on Saturday evening.  The concept behind the show is a form of a telethon where celebrities do their versions of MTV videos or perform some sort of dance; then, TV audiences call in to vote for their winner.  All proceeds go to the UK charity, Sports relief.

Tonight's show was the first in a series...Neither Bud nor I knew too many of the celebrities which hailed from the world of UK sports, comedy, TV drama, and news.  It was still enjoyable....

Cyn, Paulster, and Budman waiting to go into the studio.

Sports Relief

TV crew prepping for the show.

We were so thrilled this time to be on the first and second rows, since we were stashed behind the ice panel for Dancing on Ice.  Our elation was somewhat dimmed when the young, hip "crowd dancers" were brought in to stand and ocasionally dance (if that is what you can call it) when JLS and The Sugababes were performing.  It did make that front row a bit of a visual challenge but that was OK...

Sports Relief

We also set the Sky recorders to catch ourselves on TV...we all made the taping at least one time.  The Budman's close-up shot is especially charming as he had been asked to donned a bald skull cap and mustache for one of the performances...will try to get a copy for blog posting. 

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