Thursday, February 04, 2010


I have long since given up of trying to watch all the Oscar nominated films before the BIG show; living aborad for the last decade has made that virtually impossible. 

I do however, still follow the spectacle of Oscar nomination day, and even following the announcements online. This year, Cyn and I booked an Outlook meeting appointment during lunch to ensure we caught the news).  Can't really comment on who or what should've or shouldn't have been nominated...gotta see the films to do that (akin to wearing a T-shirt from a fun run or marathon that you did not particpate in....bad form).

Being a traditionalist, I am all for hearkening back to earlier Oscar guidelines, but 10 nominated Best Pictures?  Come on....seems a ploy by studios to add five blockbuster but lame films to a shorter list of critically acclaimed but poor box office performers. In other words, getting bums in seats.

In true movie speak, "thumbs-down".

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Cynthia said...

I concur, wholeheartedly. I haven't seen all of the films and therefore, can't have a vote on who should win. But with this many nominations, it feels like sitting down to a restaurant menu that's 40 pages long...too many choices!