Friday, February 19, 2010

Winter Olympics

Yes, the household is doing our best to watch the Vancouver winter games London side but that blasted time difference does make it a bit difficult.  Seems like every time I turn on the games either live or in replay, I pick up coverage for some form of biathlon.  It is interesting, but a little of that sport goes a long way.

Still, we usually get the morning Vancouver action live in the evenings, and the afternoon and evening action overnight both llive and replays the following day. For instance, I will see the men's figure skating from last evening sometime today (and yes, I already know the result...YEA!).  We enjoy it all just the same.

As is our practice when rooting for teams in the Olympics, World Cup, etc., we always cheer for the US and the current home team of the country in which we are residing.  So, this year, once again it is the US and the UK. 

Current medal standings:

US = 18
UK = 0 (bummer, dudes)


Anonymous said...

have you watched ice dancing? not my fave (prefer singles) but saw that it was on... have been irritated with coverage and the fact that the olympic broadcasts are sooo long that my dvr is always at critical level so sometimes it doesn't record all of events (e.g., men's figure skating free) -- but at least there's apple tv so I can catch up if i don't see it "live" on bbc... or eurosport (which i have to say has pretty great coverage)

Hachie Gal said...

Yea, although I think I am more OK with ice dancing than most. We are liking Eurosports coverage although we have not watched anything on BBC so really can't compare. I totally understand about the taping dilemma! We got a full dose of Olympics this weekend! long run was on Sunday so laid on the sofa all afternoon and night.