Thursday, February 18, 2010

Marathon updates

The London Marathon training is going pretty well.  I am staying on track with the runnning, although the snow and rain has made that difficult at times.  Weekly massages and staying true to daily stretching is paying dividends in the recovery process, as is the re-committment to hydration and the re-implementation of the Larry North Diet.   So, for now, I just need to keep to my plan....

A couple of challenges:  that nasty asmtha has resurfaced.  Although it does not impact the running per se, it has resulted in major wheezing and coughing bouts for the last two weeks before and after runs.  A follow-up doctor's appointment tomorrow to get that re-checked should result in a better gameplan, than "just grin and bear it".

Second challenge:  I am behind in my charity fundraising.  So far, I am almost a fifth of the way to my goal of £5000.  If anyone could be persuaded to support, I would be very appreciative.  You can donate at the following website.

Lastly, a major coup from a training perspective.  Those "long runs in London parks" have been a god car dodging - finally! Thankfully, the cyclists, in-line skaters, runners, walkers, horsemen/women are all playing nicely together in the sand-box, and sharing the exercise paths in a very equitable manner.  If we could only get those mothers and their baby strollers in line now!

Latest long run pic from last weekend's Hyde Park run.  Please don't say it...I know I look tired....cuz I was!

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