Monday, April 19, 2010

I forgot about Toto

One update to the Over the Rainbow rehash....apparently, ~the Lord" (a.k.a. Andrew Lloyd Webber) will also be trying to find that perfect "unknown" to also star in the title role of Toto in the upcoming West End production of The Wizard of Oz.  So, all canine Toto wanna-bes "have been auditioning  for a potentional spot in the final 10 Totoa for next week's show.  Barking, jumping, and generally charming their way to celebrity status.

One major flaw that I can see:  apparently, Toto no longer has to confirm to breed, size, color, etc. qualifications or to any preconceived notions of what Toto must look like.  This is supported by the fact that one of the Toto finalists is a Great Dane!!!!  Merciful heavens - how will that dog ever fit into Dorothy's bicycle basket???

On the flip side, it is good to see that we now live in a canine color-blind world where all dogs, regardless of size, age, or color have the unalienable right of being Toto. Wink-wink! 

Does the same concept hold true to Dorothy??????  You check out the finalists and then let me know what you think.

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